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Aug 17, 2003
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Ada, Oklahoma
when mom sold my Mini's she did it behind my back, that made me kinda MAD. then she said she knew who bought them but would NEVER TELL ME, so I'm just wondering what I should do about this???

I emailed Gene Williams. he runs the "High Hopes Auction in Guthrie,Oklahoma.

I asked him in an email who bought my Mini's. But NEVER got an answer back.

I miss my Mini's soooooo bad.
Starry Blue was my Baby Girl.

and I am just very worried about her,if she's ok or what??

I just don't want her in the wrong hands, but I know mom should have sold her to my best

friend, Davie because she is an AWSOME lady and I know for sure she would have been taken well care of, and she could have kept her show career up.

so I was wondering what should I do????


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Jun 2, 2004
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Brandon Manitoba
I'm afraid there isn't much that you CAN do. I don't think it's likely that a sale barn will give out buyer information--some might, but I know many don't--here with all our privacy laws these days I would doubt that any of them will divulge that information to an outside party.

If your horse was registered and sold with her papers, and if the new owner transfers those papers into his/her name then you could find out through the registry or on-line stud books who the current owner is.

It is too bad that your friend couldn't have bought your horses if she wanted them--it would have been nice for you to know where they are and that they are well looked after.

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