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Jul 12, 2005
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We are preparing for this one named Rita. Storing gas. Getting Generator ready. Storing food. All of the power lines still has trees and limbs on the lines. I'm sure we will lose power again for a while. Glad I didn't start repairing house yet. (Waiting on insurance company.!!!)

We don't know yet if we are in the path, to hard to say what the front will do.

Being on the east side of the storm will be worst for us. Levee's and the temporary fix job surely will not hold. They are asking for evacuation Wed.. No one will be allowed to stay,forcefully removed.. Most places are totaled so water will travel further in. As far as we are from the City we are in jeopardy. On my knees praying to be spared.

Their really is know where to go. Mississippi coast is of know help. North is of no help. West to Texas going right into it.

Lessons are really being learned in all this destruction of mother nature.

Texas people get ready I don't know what category it will be I pray you don't get a 4 or 5. People with horses if you have a place with not much trees and a sturdy barn we may want to stay.

We stayed and the horses did well. Was able to keep water for them with generator. Stock up on feed and hay. Have medical emerg. supplys for horses just in case. It may be of help to get vet to give you a shot to calm and excited horse if hurt. Make sure up to date on Tetanus. and West Nile. Keep hay dry as possible.

If traveling. Pack as if going to a show.

Plenty of ropes, feed hay. buckets. Fly spray & Temp fencing or use the ropes.

Check Jackson Mississippi Horse park for temp shelter. Or maybe North Louisiana. Get Plans and make calls now. Don't wait.

If I could help anyone please call me or e-mail. I have 3 acres several miles away from me that we can use to hold horses.

I have some friends around Dallas that could possibly help also.

God Bless.

Joyce of Sunseri Farms