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Nov 30, 2002
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Piqua, Ohio
My friend, Elaine, just e-mailed this to me. Thought it might be of interest to anyone living in the area of Lexington!


Donations for Horses and Horsemen Begins Tomorrow at Kentucky Horse Park

On Thursday, September 8 you are asked to donate both equine and human goods

which will be trucked to hurricane victims in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Items which are needed for horses include feed, grain, bedding (shavings and

wood chips), Bute, Banamine, Gentocin, Dormosedan, first aid supplies such

as Furacin, wraps, standing bandages, hydrogen peroxide, Vetwrap, cotton

sheeting, antibiotic cream, etc. They also need lead ropes, halters, stall

webbings, hay bags, buckets, hoses, double-sided snaps, duct tape, fly spray

and bottles, pitchforks, muck buckets, grooming supplies, hoof picks, etc.

(For the convenience of those who would like to donate sweet feed and grain,

it can be purchased from Dever's at the Kentucky Horse Park and loaded

directly on to the truck, or you may bring your own donation of feed.)

Donated items for other pets will also be accepted, such as dog food, cat

food and cat litter. Volunteers are needed to help load trucks, shrink wrap

pallets and for general organization.

Items being requested for horsemen include helmets, boots, flak jackets,

exercise saddles, bridles, saddle pads and girths, so they can get back to

making a living. In addition, toiletries, baby items such as baby food,

diapers, blankets, bottle liners and non-perishable food items, household

supplies, bathroom supplies and cleaning supplies are needed. They have

also requested linens, clothing, folding chairs and cooking supplies.

Donations may be dropped off at the Kentucky Horse Park, on Iron Works

Parkway (exit to park is marked on I-75) in Lexington beginning Thursday,

September 8, from 7am to 7pm every day until two semi trucks are filled.

Lexington Cartage (owned by the Young family of Overbrook Farm in

Lexington), C.H. Robinson, and JP Services has generously donated the use of

their trucks, drivers and fuel to get the items to Louisiana and


Hall of Fame Jockey Chris McCarron will be on hand at various times

throughout the day to meet with the media and the public.

For more information, contact the Kentucky Horse Park at 859-233-4303.