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Feb 24, 2009
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A HOLISTIC HORSE CARE Corse - Come and join us in TN


After having my Rescue Stormy for a year now, we are still try to get her pain free, her hocks are 80% of her pain, The vet says injection may help ( May being the word ) they may not, 90.00 a leg 25.00 barn call plus 2.00 a mile & if they do work know on knows
, how long they will work
. I just cant afford that much for a maybe & then to be an on going cost along with the cost of keeping her. I am going to spend just a piece of that for the cores, & have the know how for a life time.

So if you are in the same boat as I am or want the know HOLISTIC HORSE CARE come join us & be sure to tell them Lisa & Stormy told you about the corse.

Harmony Corral

A National Holistic Horse Sanctuary and Rescue and it's local Franklin,Tn Annex

location are making available to the horse community an opportunity to learn

about the Whole Holistic Horse!

A 20 hour "Mind- Body and Soul" certificate coarse for ONLY


A $1,200 value!

Children 13-18 years old $150.00

An opportunity no horse owner can afford not to take part in!

Made available in price so all can get off the issue and topic fence!

Order Today!

615 480 0384

This Very rare opportunity in attendance of the HOLISTIC HORSE CARE Symposium

will be instructed by:

Dr. Hanna Evergreen ( Google her & hear about her out standing work ) of Evergreen Holistic Veterinary Clinic, from Monroe

Washington and licensed in the state of Tennessee just for this special weekend

opportunity.. JUST FOR US.

One of the nations leading Top HOLISTIC Equine Veterinarians and Barefoot Hoof

Care Specialist in part Daphne Jones.

This Symposium opportunity is very comprehensive covering all of the following

health care holistic practices in the over all well being of your horse.

*Body work techniques

*Body health pressure trigger points




*Stretch exercise routines




*Manure and Fly control


*Reasons to go barefoot

*The Bare Foot Trim!

Also; Private barn calls will be available to address any on going health or

hoof issues.

The prices for barn calls will be made on a case by case basis.

These barn calls will be available on the "Book end" Friday and Monday of the

weekend coarse.

Limited availability on these visits so book NOW!

All Proceeds will benefit the local horse rescue annex and their national

sanctuary work.

In addition: Any horse rescue organizations that want to attend will be sent

home with a round bail of hay and... They are offering any rescue persons a

discounted coarse rate of only $100.00!

A tentative date based on ticket sales is scheduled for the "WeekendS" of:

Either ... Saturday and Sunday

November 7th-8th 2009


November 13th-14th 2009

TIMES: 8am - 6pm weekend coarse

Please Note:

What ever weekend date sells out first By: October 17th 2009

Will Be the official date announced and NO refunds will be issued!

ALL... Tickets purchased after this October 17th 2009 date will be charged day

of event rate of $200.00 no discounts no hay.

One price for all!


Get your tickets Now!

Horse ownership is NOT expensive when we give Mother Nature the reigns!

What are you waiting for?

Hope to see you there

Thank You

Lisa & Stormy

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