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Oct 31, 2004
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Quebec, Canada
Hi Connie,

Cody is doing great. I love this boy. As soon as I fine a nice cart, not to expensive I will train him to drive. I can do just about anything with him and nothing seems to faze him. He is so quite for a stallion. Right now he is out with my mare who is due to foal in August. he takes very good care of her and when she sleep she stands over her and makes sure no pesty cats or other farm critters bother her. He is a very good boy and when I call him he comes running to meet me and just whinnies. I can't wait to show him again in August. He did so well his first 2 shows placing 4th both times against all breeds. I hope KO is doing well. I saw a photo of him being driven by Meg, very nice.

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