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Debby - LB

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Aug 18, 2003
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Hi All
Thank you for your participation on this forum!
I need someone to help with promotion of Pleasure, Show or Combined Driving events including leading and moderating this driving section of our forums.
I will consider long time Lil Beginnings members who are also AMHA/AMHR/ASPC current members of good reputation in either the AMHA, AMHR, or Shetland Pony industry only.

Miniature Horse Talk members with the most participation on our forums and a reputation for providing helpful information will be the first on the list But ALL will be considered. So if you've not participated in our Miniature Horse Talk forums at all but meet all the other criteria please apply.
If you would like to donate your time to further promote the Miniature Horse / Shetland pony driving community while you are here reading or posting this may be something you would like to do!
This is NOT a paid position but there is some compensation provided.
If you may be interested in this position please pm me here on the forum, I'd love to hear from you - dbowen
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