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Mar 22, 2020
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I replied to a couple of posts then realized I'd never introduced myself.
My name is Dawn, I live in northern Maryland and my horses are stabled just over the Pennsylvania border. I have three full-sized horses and one mini, who's the newest addition. His name is Cooper, he's a chestnut Appy with an amazing silver mane and tail and he is really something else! He climbs into any open vehicle door like a dog and likes to find huge sticks and drag them around the pasture. He likes to terrorize my 16 hand retired field hunter and chase him around the field.
Cooper is my nine-year-old granddaughter's driving pony and he's about the cutest thing ever when he's in harness. He is absolutely fearless and just runs his little heart out. I love him more than most of my relatives.
Thanks for adding me :)

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