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bob r

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Dec 4, 2002
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What do you do regarding breeding an immature horse with a height guarantee? These are hypothetical situations. You sell a colt, the buyer uses him for breeding, sells foals for $$$ and then decides some years later that the colt is too tall, do you still honor the height guarantee?

What about a mare? If a buyer purchases a filly with a height guarantee, uses her for breeding, she suffers a dystocia rendering her unable to be bred in the future, the buyer decides she has gone overheight, do you honor the the height guarantee?

the above is from "Becky" 1. we honor our height guarentee by letting the customer pick out another of the same sex/price range. period. we've even taken back a reserve national champion because the lady said the colt (at a yr. old) was ugly, we gave her another colt that placed 5th at the current national show and she later told us SHE MADE A BIG MISTAKE, becuause the 1st colt matured out to be a very nice stallion and won many,many blue ribbons for it's owner.

do people take advantage of you, yes they probably do, but i once had a WORLD CLASS DOG TRAINER tell me ALWAYS TRY TO MAKE THE CUSTOMER HAPPY so that's what we try to do.


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Oct 19, 2003
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Bob that is called good customer service.... and if the colt you took back was a yearling, all I can say is that they all go through some pretty ugly growth stages at that time. I try not to even look at mine, LOL til they reach about 20 months and start coming back into their own. Yep, I bet the person was sad that she traded for another...

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