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Dec 5, 2003
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Otis Orchards, Washington (just east of Spokane)
OK, I am a mini show person and have not done any pony showing myself so...

Could someone save me the time of looking in my rule book and tell me what the height divisions are in classic halter divisions.

Also, if you have Foundation ponies, what would be the unethical reasons to not show them in that class. I have heard people talk about showing the more modern pony in Foundation classes and that is really not what that class was meant for. Reason asking, all my ponies are foundation certified but maybe do not fit the bill of the typical foundation pony.

Just one more, all of my ponies are under 38, do they stand a snowball's chance of being competitive on a national level just becasue they are so small? Their pictures are my avatar if that helps.



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Aug 20, 2003
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Small can still be competitive. The Classic Model Stallion winner in 2000 was Royal Firecracker - a double registered AMHR stallion who stands all of 38 inches.

I personally won't show anything Foundation that I don't think would look good in a heavy harness. That's my personal criteria. The 2003 Congress Grand Champion Foundation Mare is a perfect example - though she was never shown draft she can carry a heavy harness and look stunning and not weighted down (Zona allowed Roger Griffith to drive her in a heavy harness once for the fun of it so I've actually seen her in a heavy harness - LOL).

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