Had a scare in the barn! I screamed!

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Nov 5, 2007
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Walked in the door, went to open big barn door and all of a sudden I see something JUMP from my left side- I Scream! I mean it startled me!!

Its a rabbit! !Had been Sitting there on a square bale of hay, I suddenly think Oh shes had babies! She runs off and I look and there are 4 babies!

They disappeared immediately!! She had dug out the hay and put her fuzz in and they kinda slipped down so went under the edge of the wall. They were very tiny!

I always hate it cause I wonder if Mama finds them?? I hate to think of babies without mommies out there!!

We are Bunny Haven here! None of our neighbors have bunnies cause they are all at our house!!

My almost 15 yr old says " Mom I cant believe you were scared of a bunny"

I told him I wasnt scared. just startled to have it jump at me when there isnt anything in the barn USUALLY!!

Just my mini Giddy. I thought wouldnt it be funny if I happened to walk in to little bunnies hopping around in Giddys stall with him!! I wonder what he would have done?
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