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Jul 29, 2004
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Western OR
I posted awhile back about my mother's decision to move. Every conversation was "we". Not once, even now, has she stated that Dave, Nathan, and I were not intended to move with them. The original "We're going to move" conversation popped up in February.

We didn't have a clue (just some sneaking suspicions) until my brother told us they were looking at a two-bedroom place, and then, that they (they being my mother and brother- somehow, my step-dad was never even asked if he wanted to help here) were applying to rent said place. Early this week they were told they got the place. I can't express myself on that whole point, so I'll leave it be.

We don't have the money to move right now- we were waiting on our stimulus check and then we'd have been able to just fine- except we've just discovered that if you filed with anyplace like HR Block or the like... you're getting a paper check, no matter -how- you filed. I wish they'd told us >.<

That was REALLY REALLY like... a crushing blow. I told Dave that night to call all the places he had applied to and talk to them again. I mean, the heck is it to be basically kicked out by family, and then find out you can't move because the money you were supposed to get will be so much later then you thought? UGH.

He got cleared to go back to over the road trucking (which we wanted to avoid), but oddly- that morning he also talked to a company that does hauling for the Port of Portland. Apparently, the only reason he hadn't been called was because the guy figured he'd be spending more on gas getting to and from work then he'd be making. Dave told him "we're looking to move".

Dave had an interview on Wednesday; his birthday. They sent him for a drug test that day. Yesterday, while standing around in Game Stop (my brother works there, we'd gone to give my mother a ride home and all), he got a call on his cell phone.

He starts work Monday morning.

He'll be staying with a friend of ours in Aloha/Hillsboro, which is an hour or so from here. He'll stay with them Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and come home Friday night. This is to save money (gas = black gold now, doesn't it?), so we can use the money to move. We've been told we "can stay here till the middle of June" we'll just "be short on furniture"
. We do have money set aside to move, we just ended up using some of what we set aside since Dave wasn't working. The stimulus check would have put us back up to where we could move tomorrow... plus some!

As is, it looks like we'll be getting the check around moving time anyways, we just won't be relying on it. So, in four weeks (I hope less) we will be in a new place. We're looking to end up sorta close to Dave's job, which is in Saint John's... except I don't know Portland well at all (I haven't lived there since I was eight, for heaven's sake!). Still, we'll finally be back on our own... and I'll be doing schooling with the local community college up there come August, hopefully, so things will only improve even more in the future. I hope LOL

Any of you guys who live up in that area wanna help us out? I don't know the area, neither does Dave, and my mother's information is rather outdated; we need to know what a good area up that way is to live, hopefully with decent housing prices! Dave hopes to be no more then a half an hour to forty five minutes from work...


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Sep 26, 2003
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I also do not know the area well but, my mother lives up there and used to live in Clackamas and Tigard adn both were nice areas. My sister lived in Canby and it was nice there and I think the schools were nice there too.

This may be tough for a bit but it sure sounds like things will be heading in teh right direction. Good for you!!


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Nov 30, 2002
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Congrats on the move!

I think the St. Johns area is pretty nice for the most part, but there are bad areas around it, though it's been 20 years since I LIVED in Portland.

LindaL on the Forum here just moved away from there last year, so maybe she has some good ideas.

I'm glad things are looking up for you.


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