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Dec 21, 2002
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I am intrigued with the neat name you chose........would you share some pics of your horse and tell us about her?

I had t.v. on last night and Miss Teen U.S.A had Miss Ohio win too. Ohio is pretty popular right now.
smile.gif show, do show pictures Getitia.
I only saw this marvelous filly once....but she is definitely one filly you do NOT forget!

[SIZE=21pt] GO OHIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/SIZE]
This lil girl is AWESOME and I can hardly wait to see her driving, it's a few years off but the sight with be breath taking.
Russ, Thank you so much for asking about her..........

Three years ago, my husband surprised me with purchasing a Modern Sweepstakes breeding at the Convention.
We had never raised a modern, but since I grew up around Saddlebreds, I sure appreciate a pretty moving horse.

After she was born, we had a visitor who said that she was the prettiest Modern he had ever seen - a real beauty queen - so I thought we would name her Miss Ohio to bring her luck.

We took her to the World show - which is the Modern National Show and we were shocked when she won the Area Futurity, and her Weanling filly class and then floored when she won Jr World Champion - almost impossible to do as she has to compete unshod against the shod and padded yearlings and 2 year olds. Weanlings are not permitted to show back for Grand Champion so she had went as far as she could go

Then last week at Congress we were thrilled when she won Res National Futurity Champion, Champion Weanling filly and then Jr Res Champion and finally National Champion Sweepstakes.


Even more special is her personality. She has been the easiest foal this year to clip, bath, train and she loves people. Every myth you hear about moderns - well she does not fit that criteria. Can you tell we just adore her

Here is our baby girl - Buckeye WCF Miss Ohio



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That Little Girl just takes my breath away....She is beyond words....She certainly deserves all she has gotten. You better start jogging Getitia...she is gonna keep you moving at a fast speed...


Suzy Hooper

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Fresno, CA
She is beautiful Getitia

Who is her sire?
[SIZE=14pt]Spectacular!!!! IF I could find one with her brains that would be handicapeable to manage, I would have to have it!!!! Congradulations on a fabulous mini[/SIZE]

Getitia -- what is her breeding???? she is STUNNING!

The saddlebred lady in my office thinks she is incredible!

How tall is she now? 32" or bigger than that?


Getitia, she is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on her wins!!!
Thanks you so much for your most kind comments.

She is by E-Trainings Modern Herdsire - he is pictured in the back of the journal under their training ad. Es Instanpatience.

She is 6 months old and measured 36 inches at the withers. She should mature around 42 - 44 -

Her dam is the Superior Dam - MAM Music's Miss Melody - who has produced so many World and Congress winners for us. Melody is the dam of - Buckeye WCF Classical Love Note - Classical Music - Classical Excellence, Classical Muzak and BobCat Melody - who is the dam of PonyGirls Stallion - Bobcat - Melody is truly the ultimate broodmare.

Miss O as we call her has a big engine and heart. When I turn her out to trot in the field, well I just can't stop watching her , the longer she trots, the more animated she becomes. Someone said I would now have to change our stall curtains to read _ Miniature Horses - Classic Shetlands and One Modern....
Getitia, she is wonderful!

May I say, the name you have chosen for her....sure is fitting.
She is a beauty.....indeed!

Edited to add: Why don't mini's showing.....put some of those neat ribbon type thingys in manes???? I am throwing this out to anyone as a suggestion.....has it been considered ever?

They would be neat in liberty classes with the animation.
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Well...I saw Miss Ohio at Getitias and had cold chills watching her move...honestly...these beautiful pictures didnt capture her totally...
She has MORE action than those beautiful pics show...really!!!

Congrats on all her wonderful has only just begun I think!!!!

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