Gee, it took 5 days for a reply in an EMERGENCY!

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Aug 17, 2003
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Morson, Ontario, Canada
Here is the letter I wrote to CNN on August 31!! And I just NOW, got a response from them! LOL.


Thank you for contacting CNN. American Humane Association </goodbye/goodbye.jsp?url=>

Animals, as well as people, are often victims of volcanic eruptions, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and other national disasters. The AHA provides on-site rescue and relief for animal victims of disaster. AHA maintains an Emergency Animal Relief Fund to provide desperately needed funds to local animal welfare agencies attempting to meet animals' needs when disaster strikes.

Date Reviewed: 05/23/2002

American Humane Association </goodbye/goodbye.jsp?url=>

Founded in 1877, the American Humane Association is the nation's only organization dedicated to protecting both children and animals. American Humane's Red Star Emergency Services rescues animals in disasters and reunites them with their guardians. American Humane's National Responders work in all kinds of situations - wildfires, floods, hurricanes, blizzards, terrorist attacks - to rescue animals that are left behind when their guardians are forced to evacuate.

Date Reviewed: 03/28/2005

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals </goodbye/goodbye.jsp?url=>

Poison prevention, pet care, education, issues, volunteer opportunities

Date Reviewed: 05/04/2004

American Veterinary Medical Association: Disaster Preparedness Series </goodbye/goodbye.jsp?url=>

The American Veterinary Medical Association is the national professional association of veterinarians whose more than 68,000 members are charged ethically and legally with the protection of the health of animals within their care, as well as the protection of public health. The objective of the AVMA is to advance the science and art of veterinary medicine, including its relationship to public health, biological science, and agriculture. In this effort, the AVMA has developed the Disaster Preparedness Series to help prepare people to take care of their animals during and after both man-made and natural disasters.

Date Reviewed: 03/28/2005

Animal Care and Control </goodbye/goodbye.jsp?url=>

We, as people, have a responsibility to animals. Animal care and control laws were first enacted in the mid-1800's to ensure that animals were treated humanely. As life became more complicated in the twentieth century, new laws were needed to enable animals and humans to continue to live compatibly. Many of these ordinances, such as the lead and anti-litter laws, protect not only the animals, but humans and their property as well.

Date Reviewed: 03/27/1997

Animal Rescue Foundation </goodbye/goodbye.jsp?url=>

To rescue homeless, lost or abandoned dogs in order to prevent and alleviate animal suffering and reduce pet overpopulation. To provide dogs with food, shelter, care and medical attention on a temporary basis. ARF is currently developing an education and awareness program for the Indian Reserves, teaching responsible and proper care for dogs and cats.

Date Reviewed: 12/17/1997

ASPCA/National Animal Poison Control Center </goodbye/goodbye.jsp?url=>

This 24-hour emergency service is the first and only national animal-oriented poison information center in the Unted States.

Date Reviewed: 05/04/2004

AVMA Disaster Preparedness and Response Program </goodbye/goodbye.jsp?url=>

This site by the American Veterinary Medical Association contains detailed information about disaster preparedness concerning animals and care of animals during an emergency. The site contains links to other sites with content about emergency preparedness and animals.

Date Reviewed: 05/29/2003

City of Plano, Texas R.E.D.I. Guide </goodbye/goodbye.jsp?url=>

This link will take visitors to the pdf file of the City of Plano R.E.D.I. (Residential Emergency and Disaster Initiative) guide. This is an all hazards guide to preparedness that the City of Plano developed using grant funds from the 2002 Firefighters Assistance Grant.

Date Reviewed: 05/11/2005

Emergency Animal Rescue </goodbye/goodbye.jsp?url=>

The Emergency Animal Rescue is an all volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing animals in life threatening situations. Their website includes stories and some pictures of rescues. There are also phone and emergency pager numbers for immediate contact with the Emergency Animal Rescue.

Date Reviewed: 05/04/2004

Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS) </goodbye/goodbye.jsp?url=>

EARS (Emergency Animal Rescue Service), is a United Animal Nationsm program designed to help save disaster-stricken animals. EARS is now a national safety net of more than 3,500 trained volunteers to help animals during disasters. EARS can send teams of experienced rescuers and caregivers to any disaster, anywhere in the country within 24 hours.

Date Reviewed: 05/04/2004

Florida Animal Disaster Plan </goodbye/goodbye.jsp?url=>

The establishment of an animal disaster relief plan will serve as a blueprint which can be used and modified in the event of a hurricane. This would allow the relief effort to proceed smoothly so that the greatest part of volunteers' energy could be used constructively to provide emergency and supportive care to animal victims of a hurricane.

Date Reviewed: 05/04/2004

Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Sanctuary </goodbye/goodbye.jsp?url=>

Private, not-for-profit wildlife rehabilitation and rescue organization

Date Reviewed: 03/27/1997

Hotels & Motels Which Accept Pets in Emergencies </goodbye/goodbye.jsp?url=>

This site Collier County, Florida Emergency Management contains county-by-county listings of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi Hotels & Motels Which Accept Pets in Emergencies and Disasters.

Date Reviewed: 04/20/2000

Humane Society of the United States </goodbye/goodbye.jsp?url=>

The Humane Society of the United States is the nation's largest animal-protection organization, with more than 3.5 million constituents. The HSUS was founded in 1954 to promote the humane treatment of animals and to foster respect, understanding, and compassion for all creatures.

Date Reviewed: 05/04/2004

National Food Safety Database: Disaster Handbook </goodbye/goodbye.jsp?url=>

The National Food Safety Database (NFSD) has been produced to educate food handlers about ways to prevent foodborne illness. This Database contains comprehensive food safety information authored by numerous academic, government and private organizations, and designed to be applicable across the United States. Resources were designed to be used by educators, state and federal public health agencies, consumers, and food service and food processing industries.

Date Reviewed: 03/27/1997

Nobody Left Behind: Emergency Preparedness for Persons with Mobility Impairments </goodbye/goodbye.jsp?url=>

Disaster Preparedness Research for Persons with Disabilities- University of Kansas This website from the University of Kansas' Research and Training Center on Independent Living describes current research on the status of local emergency management plans in addressing the needs of persons with mobility limitations. The research includes an online survey to collect stories from persons with mobility impairments that have experienced a natural or man-made disaster.

Date Reviewed: 05/11/2005

PET HOLIDAY TIPS </goodbye/goodbye.jsp?url=>

* To Fido and Fluffy, the holiday season doesn't mean much. They feel the excitement and smell the food, but don't understand why one Thursday or Sunday should be different from any other.

Date Reviewed: 03/27/1997

Pet Shelter </goodbye/goodbye.jsp?url=>

Listings of animals orphaned by WTC attack, and local groups in NY/DC who are providing foster homes and supplies. Free search by country, state, city for specified animal type, gender, breed. Posts photo, history, and contact information for animal. Provides web pages/links to shelters, rescue groups, and santuaries for animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, horses, cows, ferrets, parrots, etc. Free posting of lost and found animals.

Date Reviewed: 09/26/2001

Sacramento SPCA </goodbye/goodbye.jsp?url=>

The Sacramento SPCA works to prevent the needless suffering of animals. We promote the humane care and treatment of animals by providing shelter for homeless, lost or abused pets, offering low-cost spay and neuter services, humane investigations, and public education and outreach programs.

Date Reviewed: 03/27/1997

The Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania </goodbye/goodbye.jsp?url=>

The Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania is dedicated to providing full animal services to the residents and pets of Western Pennsylvania and to forging a closer human-animal bond in our society.

Date Reviewed: 03/27/1997

United Animal Nations </goodbye/goodbye.jsp?url=>

United Animal Nations was founded in 1987 by a small group of humane movement workers with more than 120 years of aggregate experience, who wanted to save forgotten animals to include animals left behind during disasters because people shelters wouldn't take them in; and animals rescued by grassroots groups or individuals doing good work in their communities with not enough support.

Date Reviewed: 04/22/2004

Veterinary Disaster Web Site </goodbye/goodbye.jsp?url=>

A compendium of material related to animals in disasters. Contains links to other key websites in this subject area.

Date Reviewed: 08/17/1998

Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand </goodbye/goodbye.jsp?url=>

The foundation runs several sanctuaries which are care for injured and orphaned wildlife. Their long term team aim is to return as many of these animals as possible back to the wild where they belong.

Date Reviewed: 03/27/1997

Please note that CNN does not endorse external Web sites.

CNN Public Information / tlpi

-----Original Message-----



Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 12:36 AM

To: Headline News

Subject: Specific question about something you saw on Headlines?

Name: Mona Stone





Phone: 807-488-5705

Coming from: TV

Subject: Finding Help to make donations for welfare of Animals from Katrina's aftermath




I am wondering if you can possibly find some information for us. We are a group of very concerned animal lovers that would like to make monetary contributions to help the animals in need, that have been misplaced, that are in need of food and medical care, as well as temporary housing for them. We want our donations to go 100% DIRECTLY to the hardest hit areas of Katrina, where it is most needed. We are hoping that perhaps you, the news media can help find some answers for us, in this regard. We want to help, and ask that you help us to help the animals, by trying to get this information to us. We would like to make monetary donations, as well as contributions of feed pails, hay, animal food etc. PLEASE help if you can. Thank you, and looking forward to hearing back from you as son as possible, so that we can begin gathering donations quickly. Thank you. Mona Stone.


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Feb 24, 2004
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Western Wisconsin
Please go read what angie21467 said on the back porch under Don't Blame Bush For Katrina and see if you come up with just who maybe to blame and why it has taken so long to get the needed help~!!
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