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May 27, 2005
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Apollo seems to be a funny size. I measured him a few weeks ago for a blanket, just in case I ever see one that isn't too expensive I could know his size and buy it...He is a 43....

Well I was looking in the Ozark Mountain catalog today (BTW, they have the fastest shipping my books wayyyy before I expected I would..I was so happy!) and I noticed that the sizes usually skip over what do I buy? I feel like if I go with the 44-50 it would be wayyy too huge but I feel like if I go with the 36-42 it would be too tight. Anyone else have a silly horse like mine? What do you buy? I actually just wanna get a little sheet because I don't think I'm going to clip him, but he will be outside from about 8am to 7pm during the winter and I don't want him to be chilly.


BTW I always have this sort of luck...I leased a medium pony last year that I did hunters with and I looked around for a leather halter....I got the pony size...too small. I got the horse size...too big. I eventually gave up.
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Jun 3, 2004
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Brandon Manitoba
Buy the Miniature Horse bellyband turnout blanket (adjusts from 38" to 45") from Schneiders for $39.95?? Or there's a different blanket ($29.95) or sheet ($21.95) available in the same size.

I really like the products and service from both Ozark & Schneiders, so I'm not trying to steer you away from one to the other here, I just know Schneiders has that in between size.

Or, you can measure & figure out exactly what size blanket you need, then order a standard 44" or 42", whatever will fit. I'm not personally a fan of the adjustable blankets.

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