Friend in Ocala needs a horsey job.

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Black Magic

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Feb 19, 2004
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Ocala, Fl.
We have a neighbor friend that is like an Aunt to the three kids. For years and years she worked for a large TB farm. She has pretty much done it all, except hooves. She used to be a Quarter Horse jockey. Unfortunately, when she was a jockey, the horse flipped over in the gate and crushed her. She was in a coma for six mos. Well, she survived and went on to work for the TB farm. She raised a few TB's by hand when the mare died.

Well, her farm sold, and she is looking for something, maybe part time. She is a little under social security age. We keep talking, and I suggested that maybe she'd be better working with minis. She has been offered jobs, but usally they include her taking horses from the track to a hotwalker, and with her history of broken bones, I'm not certain, that's such a good idea.

We live in Ocala, and she was only making $8.00s an hour, and that was fine with her. If I had more horses and could afford her, I think she'd be great help. Maybe this is unrealistic of me to think a big mini farm in the area might need someone to work for them, but if I don't ask around, no one will ever think of it as an idea.

She's like the Tool Man on TV.. and can fix almost everything, she is a gem. I'm just worried sick about how she's going to maintain her budget when she's not working.

Any ideas, please let me know !

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