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Dec 18, 2004
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Someone that knows I own minis called today and wonderd If I would come have her mini because her mini had founderd. The Lady knows nothing about minis and the mini is sooo over weight with terrible hooves
Her husband was just going to shoot it.
I brought it home today and the poor girl just looks terrible,
She was getting fed the same as their big horses. I need some advice on what she should be getting fed and tips on how to care for her. Please Can anyone help??????


Oct 2, 2004
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I pm'd you some information that will help you. The website on founder is very helpful but you need to get her off the grass and grains right away.

Trim her feet right away and she must loose weight.

Call your vet and get her medical help and good luck.

It's hard but it can be done.



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Nov 30, 2002
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So much help available these days for foundered horses. So many new things to do.

Employ the best farrier that you can. Be sure he is well versed in the latest methods of trimming foundered horses. Many say yes they can and do them all the time, but they don't. There are specific ways to do this and if you don't trust anyone to do it correctly, then you can, and you probably will be good at it anyhow. You may want to contact Julie at R3 Julie has been taking special education in how to trim foundered horses properly and her methods that she has learned is a wonderful success. She would love to help you.

You do have to be careful of any sudden "starvation" mode as you can set your horse off in a state of hypermalidia (sp) which will happen if the horse looses too much weight too fast.

Your ultimate goal however is to keep the horse lean as can be. You should be able to feel his bones, not see them. This will take much time.

If it were me getting a foundered horse, I would dry lot him first thing and introduce him to hay slowly. No grass.

I would keep the horse on soft ground and soft bedding which does help.

After the trimmings, I would soak his feet in warm epsom salts and you can pad his soles with stay free maxi pads for comfort and wrap vet wrap around them and then duck tape. You'll have to be careful to peel away the vet wrap and tape away from the coronet band though. That's important.

I wish you well.

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