Floats like a butterfly - sweet as can be

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Jul 27, 2005
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How cute! I love the picture of him looking between the trunk of the tree.


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May 22, 2007
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Sharpsburg MD
That's one lucky horse, to have you! You are doing a fantastic job with your boy. He looks so happy working for you. You have a great relationship. You want a job? I have a few I'd love trained with such loving care.


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Jan 3, 2008
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near central Pennsylvania
That's sweet of you to say that.

Its hard to believe that in 2 days Saber will have joined our family a year ago.

He's come a long way.

When we got him he was obese and when he wouldn't get his way he'd rear.

But he had an open mind, an inclination to trust and a good heart.

I had had, had trained & worked with big horses - Appies, Arabs, QH stallion, mustangs, Belgian X, TB/QH, Saddlebred, TB

but he's our 1st mini.

I'll admit too that he was the 1st mini we went to see when we decided we wanted one.

I honestly didn't think this lil horse (that was advertised in the Pennysaver - divorce sale) was going to meet my standards.

I went there expecting him not to be my horse.

But no matter the testing & evaluations I threw at him he continued to surprise me.

My hubby said he immediately saw a connection between this stallion & I.

It was a week later that we added him to our family.

I have not regretted the choice at all - he's a great horse.

Loves to travel, good with people & dogs, sharp & willing to learn

and a bomb could probably go off behind him and I bet he'd hardly flinch.

He is so stable.

One outing my hubby was holding him and a tree limb from overhead fell about 2 feet from them.

It scared my hubby to death.. Saber took notice but didn't even jump.

He is a card too.. instead of going into his stall after his outing today he made a bee line into the house as the door was open.

He had to maneuver around a few fans & squeeze by the whelping box in the livingroom, and was by the bathroom before he was ushered outside.

He is fun.

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