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May 5, 2007
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I found a different mare. She was trained by katelands farm. She is alittle over weight. She has not been worked in awhile. She is not on grass. All we have is grass here. How do I get the wt off of her and allow her out in the field without looking like the good year blimp.

I would also like to send pics to anyone interested in giving me thier opinion!!!


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Jan 30, 2007
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As far as exercise goes, I would lunge her, start off with small amounts of time and work up her time. Cantering is good exercise, you can round pen her or free lunge. To work on leg muscle, I walk mine up & down hills, it really helps. I walk them on trails, in the woods, any place that will help them to be fit. Start slow and work up slowly. Good luck!
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Dec 1, 2002
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You can email me.

You would probably want to fence off a smallish paddock if possible so the mare doesn't get too much grass at a time, or use a grazing muzzle on her. She'd possibly need to be pulled off of the grass for part of the time as well (overnight perhaps?).

You could get her fit gradually by driving, starting out slowly and building up the amount of time she is working.


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Oct 29, 2003
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PLEASE do not lunge and at this stage of the game PLEASE do not canter!!

Have you a round pen??

If so you can use it to diet and exercise!!

Just gentle jogging to start, nothing strenuous, you could do real harm.

As Magic said if she is still quiet to drive you could take her out for a couple of short, gentle drives a day- that will do it, too.

Horses eat less at night so if it is safe to do so I would turn her out at night and in during the day.

Grazing muzzles....I have not found they work that well on Minis, not that I have ever used one myself, I really do not like muzzles at all, but if that is all the pasture you have it wold be better than her not going out.

I would also have the Vet pull blood from her just to make sure there is no other reason for her being overweight, and I do not necessarily mean pregnant (
) If you do get the Vet involved you can get him/her to earn their fee by making you up a diet plan, too.

Hotwire is the horse dieters friend

You could section off the pasture and strip graze it- it does the grass no end of good as horses are picky eaters by choice, and to be grazed down all over benefits it.

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