Finally a pony cart all my own

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Oct 31, 2004
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Quebec, Canada
Well I bought a pony cart with harness for $350 canadian.
I have not driven my gelding since Christmas 2003 as I was only borrowing a cart. I had only driven my gelding since late June 2003. Anyway after looking for a cart I finally managed to find one. My gelding Sanka has not been driven in all that time. Hitched him up 2 days ago and again yesterday and he was amazing. He is such a good boy. Wish it were not raining as I would drive him again today as I leave tommorow to go to Brome Fair. Taking 2 arabs and 4 minis. We are geting rain from Katrina and I got soaked going to the end of my driveway and back. Though it is supposed to be nice this weekend. Will be fun loading my trailer today in the rain. NOT!

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