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Sep 22, 2020
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Northern IL
Hello everyone!

I am hoping to gather some advice on feeding and fitting a Shetland weanling. I have raised my share of stock horse foals, and owned/showed several older ponies, but this will be my first young Shetland.
I do not have him yet - he is a coming on 5 month old ASPC colt. Expected to mature around 45". I should be able to bring him home in the next month or so.

So, in the meantime, I thought I would ask everyone how they feed and fit their young Shetlands to prepare for showing halter next year. He will be stalled at night and out during the day. We feed a good quality grass hay, but I supplement with alfalfa typically (pellets or cubes, soaked of course). We do have a very nice pasture he could go out on during the day, but unsure if that is something that would be recommended. Looking for a good feed recommendation as well, with a preference for Purina products.

Thank you in advance, and I am very excited to start this journey. I will share pictures once he is home ;)

Maryann at MiniV

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Jan 18, 2020
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Powell Butte, Oregon
Welcome! And congrats on your young new addition!
We do have Shetlands as well (focus on the Arenosa bloodline). My suggestion would be to not add alfalfa to his diet unless he arrives underweight. (It tends to be a bit too "hot" for them.) We also feed a good quality grass hay and for all of our foals during their first 12 months (at least, sometimes longer) we give them a 14 percent Grain that is formulated for our region. We are in a low selenium area. They also get a mineral salt block with selenium. The grain amount varies according to need, but the least we offer is 2 cups twice a day.
Since you prefer Purina, have you looked at the ingredient tag for Purina Equine Senior? We used to feed it to both our youngsters AND seniors until we discovered the local grain we like. Purina also manufactures a grain called Stradegy which we fed for several years with good results. Basically, no matter what, read the ingredient tags on everything.

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