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hi all

I feel the fair was a big success and we all learned a ton! We sold tshirts, cookbooks, handed out tons of info and took in some cash donations. I really think we will see a surge in memberships once all these people get home

Also got to meet braveheart theraputic president and some people from hooved animal rescue.

A huge thanks to cathyjo for bring hope who was without a doubt the star of the fair!

Big thanks to jackie for the beautiful stall curtains and help she gave

Thanks to becky for giving us breaks

It was so fun to meet people from the forum. This fair is so huge i highly recommend it for anyone who loves horses.


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Dec 2, 2002
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A big thanks to all that helped!!! Even if no one joins, you all made a big contribution by educating those that asked. And while it is frustrating to have to answer these questions, I think that what you did will lend some creditability to not having them in the house. Just think what would have happened with out us being there to answer questions.

So my hats off to you all!

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