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Jun 29, 2004
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Hi, Triggy!

Add me to the list of gelding fans: my three horses all arrived gelded, although the donkey hasn't been yet (he's a shared custody case with my friend, and for various reasons, we haven't done this yet).

My three boys are the sweetest, most plucky and giving little horses: I'd have another ten just like 'em if I had the space. Mares? Well, okay, if you want to deal with mood swings and share the alpha space, fine, go for it, I'll stick to my geldings, thanks! Stallions? Well, now, I can't afford a breeding quality stallion and I happen to think there are enough neglected and unloved critters wandering around the world right now that I don't need to add to the numbers, so here I am, back to my sweet-tempered, gentle and kind-eyed geldings.

I'll sure support your movement toward gelding appreciation in the mini world: my guys are one of the best things that ever happened to me.

I'm learning to show them right now and to train my youngest fella. Loving the adventure, too -- they are SO good to me as I learn!

Leah M.

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