Ever regretted selling a horse?

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Nov 30, 2002
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If so what have you done about it? I sold my moms weanling filly this year. I really really really wanted to keep her. Now I kick myself in the butt day to day about it. ITs gotten to the point I dont even wanna look at her as I really wish she wasnt leaveing in a few weeks.

I love this filly and have been looking for a replacement show horse once my gelding sells. I am a bit barn blind so didnt know how good she really was, othere then what my eyes and mind was telling me.

Well I took her to our club show this weekend. There were only 5 in her halter class(28-30) but she got 1 first and 3 seconds. I also took her in amateur halter. THis is where she proved to me that she had what it takes. She is only a baby and not most people in there right mind would not take a foal in amateur. There were 14 in the class, she took 1-3rd and 3-4ths. I couldnt of been more thrilled, of coarse I could of done with out the huge bite which has turned in to a blood blister that she gave me, but she is still my baby.

I havent really been into showing at all the past few years as I dont have a horse that can really do "it" for me. She could of, however I kept the other filly as from a breeding stand point she was the better choice.

But enough said now, how do you all part with the ones you dont want to?

Walking away kicking ones butt.



I know exactly how you feel. I have done this twice and it still hurts. But i let both owners know that if either horse was ever put up for sale that I be contacted first. Then i just had to learn to let it go and learn from the experience. A hard lesson for sure

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