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Jul 24, 2005
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[SIZE=14pt]Ok Roy is 35 inch tall.Mikala weighs 55 pounds. I dont know if I put 65 and if I did I ment 55 sry for that confusion.I understand we are all concerned about all horses but please!!I have been in the horse buisness for a long time and I know alot about them. Roy also has no problems holding mikalaOnce in a while he will even take off with her bucking and kicking and come out of it not even breathing hard.I watch for all of this and look at his legs to see if they are bending and when i even THINK i see signs of him taking her hard I get her off and she kewls him out. In a couple months Mikala will either loose intrest or she will be to big.I am having a talk with Becky soon about the board so thanks for you help I will keep u updated![/SIZE]