Does anyone brand their minis?

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Feb 3, 2005
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I've been talking with some people about them freeze branding their horses(regular sized horses) as the horse thefts in BC are rising it seems at scary amounts. Branding is the best way of identification (as opposed to tattooing and microchipping) as a horse that is branded can't go to any sales, change ownership, go across the border or go to a slaughter house without the owners knowledge. Whereas tattooos are often hard to read and aren't in totally noticeable spots(ie under the lip) and microchips are very unreliable in my opinion. compares chips with branding.

Anyway, horses up north that aren't branded and are loose are considered fair game...whether it's selling it to someone as a riding horse or the slaughter house or just keeping it yourself. Any horse with a brand that's found lose almost always goes back to it's owner.

That being said...does anybody brand their minis? Minis seem to get stolen a lot and I think for a horse that isn't going to be shown a huge amount(not sure what the rules would be about branding) I think it would be a good idea. I think I would freeze brand if I were to brand.

Anyway tell me your thoughts.


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Aug 18, 2003
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no, we don't do any of those things.

However --- the local vets and TB Farms are getting together here to help determine the new livestock tagging/identification requirements.

Their either IS a new law... or there is going to be a new law.. I am not sure which.. where all livestock (including horses) will have to be tagged/identifiable.

Related to the Mad Cow disease tracking..

So... we will eventually be doing something.. whatever we do.. it will be what the law requires.


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