day change for potluck luncheon at 2009 congress

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Dec 1, 2002
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It is time to think about the 2009 Congress Pot Luck Luncheon again!!

DUE TO THE ADDITION OF ANOTHER DAY THE LUNCHEON HAS BEEN MOVED TO FRIDAY JULY 31, 2009!!!!! Not Thursday as in previous years, so mark that change in your memory banks! The time and date are FRIDAY JULY 31st at or as close to NOON as possible.

For those attending Congress for the first time, We welcome everyone to come and enjoy the great food, and fellowship during Congress, to meet new people, renew acquaintances, and chat with old friends. In the past we have fed close to 400 people at this luncheon, so you see, we need LOTS of donated food items.

If you know of any one that will be attending Congress this year, that would like to participate in the luncheon, that doesn’t have email, please pass this information on to them so they can participate by bringing a dish and join us. The only requirement is to bring a the past we have had some wonderful delicacies furnished...We would prefer food to cash, however cash will gladly be accepted! A $5.00 donation is asked if you will be eating, and NOT furnishing a dish. That donation can be given to either Karen or myself...prior to the luncheon. Those monies go to offset the cost of anything we are missing for food, and to help defray the cost of the paper products used.

A lot of love and effort goes into putting this lunch on, but it wouldn’t be possible without all of you helping with your dish donations...Lets make the 2009 Pot Luck Lunch the best one yet!!!

The meat this year will be Bar-B-Que brisquet and Smoked Sausage pieces.

We will need the following items, or anything else you can think of to bring. At the top of the list this year will be Potato Salad, and Coleslaw,. These have been furnished in years past, however this year, we are asking you the participants to step up to the plate and furnish several of the large “tubs” that can be purchased at the Wal-Mart Store in Greenville.

Potato Salad 3 Bean Salad

Coleslaw Watermelons

Hamburg Buns; Cantelopes

Dill pickle slices; All Kinds of Desserts

Sweet Onions slices; Cakes

Macaroni Salad Cup Cakes

Hot Dogs for the Kids Pies

Hot dog buns Cookies




An assortment of pickles (Lewella???)

Tossed Green Salad with dressing

Fresh Fruit Salad (Belinda???)

Cheese Tray (Jackie & Stuff????)

Pasta Salads of all kinds

Baked Beans

Fried Chicken

Any special dish you are noted for or a special food item from your area of the country. Any thing in the food line is what makes this Luncheon so great.

Please answer this email with the food dish you will be furnishing, so I can compile a list to see what we are lacking.

And can pick it up at the grocery store...We will have the refrigerators for any items that need to be kept cold.

We look forward to seeing everyone again in Cloverdale, be sure to come up and introduce yourselves, if you are new to Congress, don’t be bashful, come and visit, or volunteer to help serve.

Sharron & Karen


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Sep 4, 2003
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Muncie, Indiana

Thanks so much for the info! Of all I have been to this will be my first Congress and I am very excited about it! Not sure I will be there on Friday but if not, I'll still be looking some people up!!