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Nov 30, 2002
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I've yet to come up with a great solution for one corral/dry lot that has run-in tarp shelters without wooden walls.

I currently put the block in a shallow feeding dish, but, as you can imagine, they don't last long with Oregon weather and a filly who pees wherever she feels like.

I keep thinking there must be something already on the market for this...something that would attach to cattle panels or wire fencing and keep it somewhat protected from rain and, er, "other" liquids.

Any ideas?

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Mar 24, 2008
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British Columbia
Just off the top of my head, and please understand that I have not taken the time to think out any issues that it might have but....How about a 5 gallon bucket with a hole in the side and a lid on it so the lid is a roof and the salt can sit in the bottom of the bucket. Like I said I haven't worked out anything it just popped into my head. I think you'd want to remove the bail and fasten the bucket another way so the re would be no risk of injury from the horse hanging up on it. Also you'd want to drill some holes in the bottom of the bucket so water could drain away when it did get inside.


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Jan 31, 2004
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Pacific NW Scappoose, OR
Susanne this is so easy I can't believe you haven't thought of it.

Put the salt block on one of your nice dinner plates and set it on an end table close to your couch. That way this winter when they are finished laying around on the sofa watching cartoons they can get a good lick of the salt. Place a water bucket right on the floor next to the end table so they can then get a drink. Obtain some form of a blocking control as to what shows they watch as some cartoons can quite bad and you don't want them leaping off your furniture pretending they are fighting some alien enemy and breaking up your furniture.

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I promise I will keep the gates at home well secured so Duckie and Koda don't show up to join your group as that would be very very bad for you. TRUST ME Not good!

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