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Just Us N Texas

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Sep 5, 2005
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DeKalb, Texas
I would like to congratulate everyone who participated in the Nationals! Whether you placed in the top ten or not, you deserve a pat on the back for being there! I mentioned on an earlier post that I wouldn't get to go because of the move from Ky. to Texas, no one to take care of the horses and dogs and etc., but I did get to go for a short time. My whole family was there, and I couldn't stand not being there for at least a short time. Going to the Nationals is very addictive, and once you have been there, you will want to go back time after time. Our new place is only 4 1/2 hours from Tulsa, so I (although I had rather take a beating than drive long distances) went up Monday, and came home on Tuesday. Several of our horses made top ten, several did not. I am not ashamed of the ones who didn't, especially the ones that were in classes of 40-72 entries! Last year, we came home with two National reserves, and everyone else in top ten. This year, we were not so lucky, but there were different horses (for us), and different judges. To all those who placed well, Congratulations! To all those who didn't Congratulations! Just to be a part of that show is fantastic! Not only is it the largest mini show, but rumor has it, that it is now the largest horse show in the Nation! I hope that rumor is true! My family will be home late today, and I can't wait to give them all hugs and kisses, and the horse family too!

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