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Aug 20, 2003
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Sara and Lonnie Whitworth from Aumsville Oregon have made a donation to CMHR in memory of their miniature horse [SIZE=12pt]Equitot's Enticing Mirage[/SIZE] aka “Mouse”. Mouse sadly passed away a few months ago followed by Lonnie’s Belgian draft horse. Sara and Lonnie have donated the following items in Mouse’s memory. These are just a few pictures. There is a lot more in the trailer on its way to Arizona. The Chuck wagon will be taken to Worlds in Dallas. Along with the wagon we have 3 custom made black leather harnesses with spots and collars-these were made for the team by the person who makes the harnesses for the Budweiser teams. There will be a silent auction held specifically for these items. The auction will start in a week or so. There will be a reserve price on these items. New these items would start at approx $2900.00 for the wagon and approx $450.00 for each bridle, harness, breeching and collar set. We have 3 sets. Don't worry about the approx prices as those were for new and what you would have to pay new!

I am putting pictures up of the chuck wagon and the 3 harnesses hanging. Better pictures of the harnesses will be posted in a few days.


Chuck wagon


Showing hitch for a 3 team Also goes down to a 1 horse pull

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