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Apr 30, 2008
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Hello everyone! It's that time again... The AMHR Nationals will begin in less than a week. I will be traveling to Tulsa on Wednesday and will be there through the next Wednesday. I will be working for Aloha Acres and Erica's Tiny Trotters as well. Unfortunately, Rollie and Cindy Springer are not going to make it this year due to Cindy's illness. If you know the Springers, please make sure you send them your dearest regards, as this is a very hard time for them and they would love to be with all of their friends at the Nationals.

Due to the situation, I may have some openings for clipping/shaving this year. Please give me a call, or come find me at either Aloha or Erica'as barn to see where I can work your horse in.

Thanks and good luck to everyone!


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