Clipped my 3 month old pinto filly today!

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Jan 12, 2011
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Texas, U.S.A
I clipped my 3 month old filly today, and boy was I happy!

To think I got this filly for only $20 worth of tickets in a raffle at an AMHA show a few months back just makes me smile! I am so happy with how she is growing up, and I plan to show her in my youth halter classes, and possibly more if she stay looking and built well! She is the most straight foal I have ever seen, and has the best conformation of any of my fillies. It is a true blessing that I was lucky enough to win her and her dam. She will be my main show filly in 2012!

Here is a quick picture off my phone from today of my girl, Applecreek's Venus De Milo, "Venus." We were not fully finished clipping, and it was just a rough clip. Still have to finish that head!! Feel free to give me your thoughts on her aswell! She has had no conditioning or anything. Pulled straight from the pasture, clipped, then this picture was taken. I can't WAIT to see what she'll look like all cleaned up!
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