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Dec 6, 2002
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I posted this reply on Gary Barns' thread but it is pretty far down so I posted it here so that everyone concerned could read it......

First and foremost my most sincere apologizes to anyone my words may have offended. I was mainly blowing off steam to Gary and did not choose my words very well to convey what I meant. This is what, as Gary said, makes me susceptible to "inverted tourets syndrome". Please understand I am just as disturbed by some things that have happened as all of you are and applaud Gary and many of you for taking action.

Mona, I am sure you misunderstood what I was trying to say and I can see how you would after re-reading what I typed. You said: “I am sure you are both VERY AWARE that the C.A.R.E. group HAS acted outside this forum! We HAVE gotten involved, we HAVE made statements, and we HAVE gotten madder than heck, but I guess maybe you and Ronnie fail to see that”.

You are correct in that I am well aware and thanks to you, your C.A.R.E group has acted in a positive and constructive way and have achieved good results. My statement was as Gary said intended to “galvanize” others and encourage them into action. My comment about “some of the people and “groups” being experts sitting behind their computers” was not directed towards you or C.A.R.E. Quite the opposite I would refer to your actions as an example of what needs to be done. You and your group did not just sit behind your computers and gripe, you took action, garnered support, addressed the issue and achieved favorable results, all of which I was quite impressed with and applaud you for. I was referring to the individuals and some other “groups” that have made a lot of online complaints over the years. I have come on here and encouraged them to do exactly what you did, put their words and thoughts into action because if not they will see no results. Again what you and others working with you have done should be the example of what needs doing and I am very sorry if you or anyone took what I said any other way!

Lisa F. and any others that took my comments about the big names using the trainers and that being a big part of the industry….Please, Please understand that I in no way meant this to imply that anyone not using trainers, or buying high dollar horses was of any less importance. To the contrary the small breeder and the general membership is what makes our association viable, I was talking about the hype and good publicity that comes from the high end horses that can have the money put behind them and the promotion that makes all miniatures viewed favorable, especially by those new to the breed. This in no way means that people who don’t have the big bucks to promote and hire trainers are of any less importance nor that their horses are of any less quality. I myself am not a big name in the show ring and am by no means wealthy but by doing what I could when I could and being willing to “take a bullet” as Gary said (and I took a few here) I have been able to do a lot in AMHA. I feel honored and blessed to have been able to serve AMHA and to have had the opportunities my family and I have had with these wonderful little equine and we started about as “back yard” as you can get, so if I can get heard anyone can.

Again to any and all that I may have offended in my outspoken but not very well stated manner, My Sincere Apologies. I think anyone who knows me personally will tell you that while my mouth (or in this case typing fingers) may get me in trouble, my heart is on track and I want what is best for the American Miniature Horse in every association and in all venues.

so-long until the next time I put my foot in my mouth!

Ronnie Clifton


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Aug 17, 2003
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Morson, Ontario, Canada
Ronnie, I want to personally thank you for your post and comments clarifying the intentions of your email. That certainly does make me feel MUCH better in that what C.A.R.E. has been doing is being appreciated and looked at positively by some, and that it is being seen that what we are doing, is being done in a helpful way, and not meant as a slam to the association!

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