Captain pulled the cart today.

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Aug 31, 2007
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Today Captain (my avatar horse) pulled the cart today for the first time. I had ground driven him some and he seemed to be getting the concept so I decided it was time to try the cart. The other day I had my mom pull the cart around and had Captain walk next to it. Today I took Captain down to the round pen and hooked him up to the cart and had him pull it around at a slow walk as I drove behind the cart. My dad was nearby to help in case he spooked. The nice thing was Captain acted as if he had already pulled a cart before. He was such a good boy and walked fine and he knew whoa. I already have Bodie driving and my mom has a horse that is so close to pulling a cart soon so we should have three driving horses this year! So I'm proud of ol' Capt and hope to do some more driving with him soon.
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