Canadian Dog Owners..Have you heard of Actrium Dog Food, sold by Walmart?

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Kat Chapman

well it looks like another good product is coming off of the Walmart shelves. I have been feeding my dogs this food for over 10 years. I had a dog make it over 18 years on this food. She had seen a vet twice in her life once when another dog in my pack contracted a contagious soothing or other. (was more than 15 years ago cant remember) The secont time was to put her down at 18.75 years old. the las time I bought this food the price was down to 35 dollars a bag and the ticket said liquidation. the same thing happened with the boots I had been buying for work Wildsider (made by terra). The prices of these items must have been to competitive and they had to take them off of the market so the fat cats can continue to FU%^ the little guy feeding his or her dog. makes me SICK!!!

Kat Chapman

Ive been feeding Actrium Holistic Large Breed for yrs too! I rescue GSDs. and needed a good food at a reasonable price ..The price was great and it was a quality food..with no corn or wheat. fillers or preservatives, ..Now theyve changed the ingredients.!! and the new white bag......Its now only 22% protein instead of 24% and 10 % fat instead of !2%...doesnt have cranberries,broccoli spinach.tumeric.cinnamin and the other ingredients it use to have,New bag doesnt show all the fruits and veges on it anymore,,just says "New Improved''..Cant find anywhere to comment on it somehow I ended up here..,My dogs dont like it! My friends 4 dogs are all having intestional in loose stool. and wont eat it without canned food mixed in,,Mine arent eating it either so whatever theyve done is major..cuz mine arent picky eaters!! Why change a good food?? Now what?? If anyone can recommend another similar Dog food Id appreciate it!!! Thanks


I dont want to change but yet I brand was affected by the recall but not the formula....I sure wish my brand would stop using diamond processors, this latest recall is not the first time diamond has had problems. Last time was about 4 years ago and I think it was even worse than this latest episode. I hate to change as my dogs do very well on their current food....maybe I shouldnt jump the gun.

I have tried to reach the company and they don't answer. My question was about the rebrand. I have a dog who was on the duck and sweet potato. She can't have chicken or any grains. Unfortunately the only food they make now is chicken based. I was a loyal customer but lately this company has lost customers and ratings. I am shopping for a more reputable company.


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Oct 31, 2022
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Honestly, I didn't know that this dog food is also sold in Walmart. I don't go to Walmart to buy dog food. I have service dogs, and thanks to the Actrium dog food, they have started to gain a lot of weight, which is very good for a service dog. I found out about this food after completing an online service dog registration, and I started to get many benefits from it, such as this food. Even my dogs had a problem with getting fat, but after they started eating this food, I noticed some wonderful results.

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