Calling All ASPC/AMHR/ASPR Triple A Amateurs

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Karen S

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Dec 10, 2002
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Attention All Triple A High Point Winners from any Local Shows....

Anyone that has won a High Point Awrd in the Miniature or Shetland division that has receive one of the following awards:

Sweat Shirt, Zippered Hoodie, Garment Bag, Windbreaker, Grooming Apron, Blue Denium Shirt or the Soft Side Brief Case...

I would like to have some pictures of you with the item that you chose as your award. If you got a piece of clothing, please take a

picture of you with it on. If you got the brief case would like to see you with it in hand showing the logo. Those pictures can be emailed

to me:

[email protected]


Karen Shaw


Triple A Amateur Program

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