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Dec 3, 2021
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There is always a reason why they are selling them as "kill pen" horses instead of making more money selling them. But over here they are overpriced and never in any danger. There is a place in Ohio where they have a miniature horse auction, and they seem to sell between $900-$3000. The problem being that the show horse might bring $900 while the worst dwarf is bringing $3000.
Gosh your opening sentence couldn’t be farther from the truth how sad that you think that. They just get dumped at auctions and the kill buyers pick them up and try to resale them. I recently bought two stallions from a kill pen, a beautiful 28 inch black and white yearling and a 34 inch six year old silver dapple dappled beyond words!!! Absolutely stunning! While they were malnourished and obviously lacked basic care it took no time at all to make them beauties again.

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