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Nov 22, 2005
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It was my birthday yesterday and I had such a wonderful time. I was worried because there is friction between two individuals who I am very close to. I wanted them there but I was afraid of what may happen. Because of this, I stopped talking about my birthday. To my surprise, they both came and were very mature and even joked together. Topping that off. I had a surprise visit from another friend and yet another from college who did a wolf anthro caricature of me! Its so cool! She has a lot of talent. My guy friends once put in the same room kept me laughing till I was holding my sides. All day long. We got to see Prince Caspian and my mom blew up some of my FAVORITE pictures that I took to poster size!


There was this one taken in Petoskey too but it was cropped a bit more


There is another one that was taken very recently and is not on line yet of our filly Layla. I will post it later. I dont have enough wall space for everything I want to do... hee hee

Anyway, I had a great time and am quite sad it is over

I also got a new pair of blades for my clippers so hopefully I will have some sleek horses coming up but knowing me... it will probably be a hack job...

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