Being watched while on foal watch/mare stare

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Sep 22, 2003
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New York
OK... we are at almost 342 days gestation for Intrepid and even with the vet's visit on Monday and her comment of "I don't think she will wait until Saturday (the full moon)", here we are, still waiting and my humble prediction is I think she may duplicate her record gestation of 371 days.

While watching Intrepid stomping and pacing and pawing, I fell asleep in Mercy's stall on Wednesday - normally I have the barn cam up and running but as Intrepid's behavior was a little different, I felt better being in the barn to quietly observe her.

I woke up two hours later to Intrepid still eating. swishing her tail and pawing, but my faithful companion Mercy was lying down next to me, watching over me. When I woke up and sat up, you could see the relief cross her face....nice to know that when I am taking care of 132 teachers, administrators and staff at work, or my boys and hubby and dogs and cats and horses at home, that someone is looking out for me!

Of course tonight, I startled Freedom when I did my night check - her reproachful nicker was expressive of the fact that I scared the ^%$# out of her. She had been asleep with her head down and she jumped to her feet so fast as if someone lit her tail on fire. Independence and Finisterre were also asleep and down in their stalls but they do not scare like Freedom does, nor did they think my appearance in the barn was worth the trouble of getting to their feet.

And as always, Intrepid and Mercy were in an eating contest....who can eat all their hay the quickest.

You have to love the different personalities in a barn!


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