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Jul 25, 2004
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Norco, CA
Abbie is our little preemie baby - born April 9th, wasn't due 'till May 23 - with only one cover on the mare the year before, so no mistakes!

She was remarkably resilient, up and nursing on her own, no lung problems to speak of... she did require plasma, antibiotics and some treatments on a septic hock, but shows NO signs of lameness or residual effects from her bumpy start at all!

Here's Brenda holding her... notice she needed help from the mounting block by June 1st!

New photos will be coming soon now that she's clipped naked, but here are her photos from June 1st, her first time turned out in the big arena!

[SIZE=10pt]My Miniature Horse Pictures...[/SIZE]

That's my girl!