Awwwww, look at this...

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Dec 30, 2006
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With all the new foals arriving, I looked through my photobucket account and found some 'baby' pics of Bailey.
Would he just stop the cuteness already!!

This is before we even purchased Bailey. A trip out to the farm for a visit. Do you think my husband was taken by him???

With his Mum...

All dressed up...

His 1st day saying hello to the BIG guys at the back fence. They no longer live there, thats Bailey and Willows field now.

hahaha, and meeting Clayton. He wasn't sure if he should mount him or nurse from him.

And getting a good scratch in on his feed bin. My grandmother was visiting this day and fell in love with his antics.

Ohhhhh Bailey, Mummy loves you so much.
Don't ever stop being the little bundle of fun that you are. As you can see, he was born being a crazy little horse and nothing has changed!