Austin's Special Olympics Bowling Sectionals

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Apr 5, 2004
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Northwest Pennsylvania
[SIZE=18pt]Austin was really excited to go to Pittsburgh for Special Olympics Pennsylvania Western Bowling Sectionals this past Saturday. He had a blast bowling and ended up with a score of 295 which earned him the GOLD medal in his division! He also made a new friend, which was really nice. He is usually the only child ramp bowler everywhere we go, so it was great to see him have someone around his age to talk to. They cheered each other on the whole time and even met back up to eat lunch together. It was really cute![/SIZE]

One of our athletes was in the very last group to receive awards that night, so we stayed to hear who got picked to go to Summer Games. Austin's name was drawn, so we will be heading to Penn State in June! Needless to say, he is thrilled and is really looking forward to going back to "college!"

We're not allowed to take pictures during competition, so we didn't get any of Austin bowling, but we did get some of him receiving his medal. Enjoy!


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