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Karen S

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Dec 10, 2002
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Good Day All,

Here are your 2009 End of the Year Winners in the Triple A Amateur Program. Congrats to All who won and thank you to those that participated. Keep up the good work in 2010 and maybe I'll see YOU in the winners circle!

Hats off to the following:

Miniature Halter-Under Division...

Eloise Wheeler with Mercedes Taboo

Miniature Performance-Under Division...

Sherry Martin with Villas Love Toy 4 U

Miniature Halter-Over Division....

Melissa Meharry with Double K's Ima Fancy Kid

Miniature Performance-Over Division....

Darrell Marshall with Golden Meadows Miss Priss

Classic Halter....

Chasta Harrison with Wallstreet Admiral's Glory Bound

Classic Performance....

Phyllis Hopwood with Hopwood's Sunny Lone Star

Modern Halter.....

Leslie Brack with Roch N By Design

Modern Performance....

Mark Shrauger with TAM'S Something Special

Show Pony Halter.....

Mike Want with Michigan's Golden Eagle

Show Pony Performance....

Carol Want with Michigan's Golden Eagle

2009 Supreme Amateur in the Miniature Division.......

Shirley Marshall with H S Calculated Risk

2009 Supreme Amateur in the Shetland Division....

Marci Stucki with Hot Hot Heat

Again, Congrats to all of the 2009 winners and best of luck to all of the amateurs in 2010.

Karen Shaw


ASPC/AMHR/ASPR Triple A Amateur Advantage Program