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Nov 30, 2002
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The mare I am talking about was born with good bite, all her teeth.

About 2 yrs. ago I noticed one of her upper teeth in the front was missing (cannot remember right now what they are called...incisors??) since she was of the age to lose teeth and get her adult ones, I didn`t think much of it.

But, that tooth never came in. I inquired about this when my vet was out this spring and he asked me if she got it kicked out. I truly don`t recall seeing her with any blood around her mouth or scrapes which would make me think she was kicked...but she has always been out in a herd situation.

Carl Mitz was here last fall and I had to work, hubby was here and of course, he doesn`t remember what Carl`s opinion was...

Anyway, I am throwing this out to see what others experiences have been.

Thanks in advance...

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