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Nov 26, 2003
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Rowley, Ma.

In the past I had been actively in touch with the Arenosa forum I have been extra busy the pasy few months and lost touch, and the addy Can someone please let me know how to get back in touch? I am trying to catch up on all sorts of things this week as I am sidelined with foot surgery all week( OUCH!!)

Our 50% Arenosa filly is keepng us on our toes I have had precoscious foals before but "Joy" takes the cake She was trying to graze at 2 days old, and has stolen mom's grain since she was a week or two

I just love the Arenosa confidence & presence- she is very into people and acts as though the world was created just for her entertainment!

She is our "Uno's" first baby so she is extra special

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