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Nov 30, 2002
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SW Oklahoma
Welcome everyone to the official thread of our LB bi-monthly contest!
Are we ready to have some FUN???
For April, Foals are-a-poppin' help the mares find their wayward foals and you will win a prize!

The mares been working over time trying to keep track of their foals! Two of the foals have wandered off playing and their moms are in a tizzy! Help the mares find them by posting a number from 1-100, which is how many possible paths the foals have wandered. Whew!
There are 100 paths! TWO of those 100 paths have a prize attached! Find the right one and you win a prize! Now, try the paths and help find those foals!


The generous sponsor for this months "First place"winner is:
Allens Pony Express

Thank you so much !!!

And the sponsor of our "runner up" prize is

Thank you!
CLICK THIS LINK to view our contest information and a list of our generous sponsors for 2015!

If you win, please be sure and thank the person who donated it! All these fun games can't happen without our generous donators!
If you'd like to donate a prize, please email me!

Here is HOW TO PLAY! Read carefully.
2 numbers have been PRESELECTED before the game started. THOSE NUMBERS DO NOT CHANGE DURING THE CONTEST!!!
The SAME preselected numbers stay the same until those numbers have been guessed! Those numbers are somewhere from 1 to 100.

SO! All you have to do Each day is Post ONE GUESS from 1 to 100. ONE GUESS PER PERSON PER DAY UNTIL THE PRIZES HAVE BEEN WON.
PLEASE one guess a day per HOUSEHOLD. A day is midnight to midnight CST.
NOTE: IF you post numbers that have already been used, you will have wasted your guess.
If a number did not win before, it won't win the next day either LOL! So keep track of what others have already posted for your best chance to win!

If you win, be sure to thank the person who donated it! All these fun games can't happen without our generous sponsors!
When the preselected numbers have been guessed - this thread will be CLOSED.

READ THIS!!!!!!!!
Both winners are to email their name and mailing address to me (Robin). [email protected]
The 2 winning names will be put in a jar and one name drawn out will get the "Grand prize" the other will receive the runner-up prize.

The winners will be posted here:
#1 Ridgerunner
#2 Field-of-Dreams

Many, many thanks to the sponsors who donate our nice prizes!!!
Have a blessed day! Robin, Debby & the LB Team

Let the FUN begin!

To see our sponsors who donate items for the GRAND PRIZE WINNERS click here to go to the monthly contests page.
Anyone wanting to help us keep the fun games going by generously donating a prize, please contact myself or Debby! We'd appreciate it! -Robin
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