Anyone have a creek or pond? Advice please.

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Jul 8, 2009
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SW Wisconsin
As I said the entire valley for miles and miles is in the flood zone. We have had this property for about 16 years and checked on all that before we bought it and also have kept an eye on any changes. The county, state and Army Corps of Engineers did a lot of work out that way over the past years to solve a lot of these problems in the valley. We can build anywhere on it that it will perk. And it does perk all over the place so our bases are covered. I told Hus we should just fill in the pond and call it a day. Next thing you know, here will come the alligators again. The gator population is growing here now too! What next?
Where we live, you CAN'T build in the flood plain, no matter if it percs or not! (We do perc tests for a living).

When I was at my place in Florida two years ago I heard the next door neighbor screaming early one morning, and I ran outside and there was an alligator crossing from her yard to mine! Called animal control and they got it out of there. It wasn't too big.. maybe 4 feet, but it scared the beejeebers out of me!

What part of Tennessee do you live in? Are you familiar with Clarksville?