Any safe ideas to remove fence oil?

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New here, and to minis. My wonderful husband finished a large paddock for our two minis. Unfortunately this morning I went out to feed and was horrified to find two dark greaseballs instead of my cuties. I did try Dawn with iodine scrub on the one white mini, haven't attempted much with the other. As soon as I put her back in she started rubbing on the fencing and rolling in the dirt again. I tried to scrub the oil off of the no-climb fence with a bucket, broom, and Dawn. It doesn't take much off. The bath only removed a little from her coat. I clipped and brushed a little more, and put listerine on her mane and tail after the bath. Am I destined to let it wear off by summer's end or does someone have an idea of how to remove the oil off the fence completely and safely, and the minis? Thanks for any help.


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Nov 12, 2007
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Hockley, Texas
Never tried this for fence oil, but ours get into pine sap off the trees and the only thing that gets it off is that waterless hand cleaner GoJo.

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