Any donkey owners in PA/MD area?

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May 14, 2006
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Waterfal, PA
Hello all! I'm looking to get a donkey for my grandpap. We had a standard size donkey several years ago but he past away due to complications from a gelding operation.
We haven't gotten one since and are wanting to get another one to keep my older mini mare company, she was used to being in with the other donkey. I didn't know if there was anyone in PA/MD area that were breeders/owners? Or if anyone knew of where to get one in this area. I've been looking within the last couple days and haven't been able to find a donkey close enough to my area. I should have gotten one while I was at the Greencastle, PA sale but wasn't sure what my pap was looking for. We have really missed the donkey since he past, as he was the morning wake up call and he loved to get attention and a good butt scratching!! He was quite the character!! Got to love those donkeys and their funny nature!!
Thanks for any help!

Becky M.

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