Another Prancer Update (todays pics)

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Nov 30, 2002
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I realize that the horses are not standing nicely and that I have the halter on too low but it was so hot, we didn't care and we didn't want to fuss. These were taken today right after bath time.

Here's our Silver Belle. This is the gal we bought at 4 years old from a large breeding farm in Georga a few years back. She wasn't handled hardly at all because they just had too many horses for that, so she came to us a nervous wreck. We love a challenge, and it took Jerry and I both about a year to get this gal to trust us. Having her feet done and just basic daily grooming regimine and clipping/bathing her were a nightmare for a long time. She's still not trusting of strangers at all but that's ok. She's still a kind mare. We tried to breed her for three years (3 different stallions) and she never settled. My vet said we could try next year (because she loves Nick really a whole lot)
and she could take with a little vet help. Meanwhile, she's the pasture mommy who loves watching over the young ones with her loving demeanor.

Here's Merry Beth! She came from Sandy Revard's farm (Miniequine on the forum here last year) . If she was born here, I would have registered her under the name of "Delightfully Sweet" because that is how I would describe her. She is simply very lovely, extremely feminine, dainty, and at times timid but also loving little girl. Merry Beth is Baby Chrissy's next door stable mate and oh my gosh the two of them bang the walls and raise he77 all night long playing. They are partners in crime. When out in the fields however, Merry Beth becomes Silver Belle's charge and stays close to her.

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Dec 1, 2002
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Your girls are looking good Marty! Now please come on out and visit me and help me bathe my crew, would ya?


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Sep 9, 2003
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Two more beauties!
Silver Bell looks to have a very gentle eye,
a real sweetie. I love Merry Beths color. I've also noticed a common theme in some of your pictures, the kittys
! They wanted to get in on the action it seems, just like here, seems to always be a cat in my pictures too!

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