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Jul 29, 2004
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Western OR
Dave may actually being going back too. It really depends. For the moment, we've both applied for the goverment aid (FAFHSA ? Whatever the mind-boggling abbreviation is o.o) for schooling. They say we should be able to pretty much apply for anything.

I've got the top half the summer before I start- we're doing fall term first, since the summer term is so close. August is when it all should start- I have to go do the placement testing sometime before then. It won't be GED classes until Nathan has some sort of daycare, just online classes.

Honestly, the one thing that kept shoving me into doing it was going to the McMinnville schooling show last month. It hurt pretty bad seeing everyone enjoying their horses- really threw me into a bad depressive loop. And it has made me feel the "push" to get back to school so I can actually HAVE A HORSE sometime soonish. We've a LONG way to go before we get there, though, and I'm worried that just the ability to have one (with no real "when") may not be enough to keep me going. We'll see, though.

Nathan is still being a picky eater. I've tried to find recipes (like the brownie one) that hide the veggies. When he's older, I'll get him to honestly try them and see if he likes them, but at the moment, he NEEDS them. He is eating more fruit, and very slowly trying new things- yesterday he actually picked an apple to go with his lunch, and surprised the heck outta me when I looked over and said "Are you going to eat that apple? You picked it out." and then he DID eat it!
He has been drinking lots of juice off and on (not lots like, in a day, but some for several days), which is also new and good. He's lost a lil bit of weight- not quite as chubby in the cheeks- but he was never badly chubby to begin with.

Dave quit work back in March, around the 12th. Still hasn't found new work, and has been forced to realize we're pretty much outta money unless we want to use the money we put aside for moving into our own place. He's probably going to end up back on the road until August, at which point he'll have 1 full year's worth of experience. Most places want 1-2years, he has 9 months. I told him "Well, you could reapply for all those one-year experience jobs, AND it would be around the time they'd be doing a lot of hiring anyways, because of the Christmas shipping to stores." It's either he goes back out, or finds a job making enough to at least keep us in diapers/pull ups/New Boo clothes (My goodness Nathan goes through clothes 0.0) other small needed things. Sadly, I think he'll end up back in OTR
HOWEVER, it's only three months! As opposed to NINE. And we should make plenty to put aside, pay bills, pay for needed stuff, and pay my mother her (Blood money >.>) rent.

It's going to be weird buying school stuff...

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